Angthong Marine Park

Angthong Marine Park

Angthong Marine National Park consist of 42 islands. Some large and some small and is situated approximately 30km northwest of Koh Samui island, in the Gulf of Thailand. The National Marine Park covers a total area of almost 250 sq km from which only 50sq km are islands.

Most of the parks lime stone islands have steep coasts, bizarre rock formations as well as overhanging cliffs. Some islands of Angthong have caves and tunnels which can be explored by kayak. Tours and excursions to the Marine Park are operated almost all year. In the rain season around November the Park has been known to close for a month and tours may not be able to operate.

Islands of Ang Thong Marine Park vary in size and shape and are mostly covered with tropical forests and generally uninhabited.

Things to bring:
  • Swimming costume/shorts
  • Beach Towel
  • Camera/Video Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Suncream

National Park near Samui

The Park‘s headquarters sits on the island of Koh Wua Talap (Island of the sleeping cow). Koh Wua Talap is the only island within Angthong where guests and travelers can rent tents for overnight camping. Very basic basic bungalows can be booked to stay at the marine park for a night or two.

To get to the island‘s famous viewpoint on top of the mountain is quite a hike. Hiking up a steep hill to the Viewpoint takes about 30-45 minutes (don’t forget to take plenty of drinking water with you). The beaches at Koh Wua Talap are white, fine sanded and invite for a swim in a relaxed and unspoiled bay. The small restaurant on the main island (Ko Wua Talap) offers tasty, inexpensive, local Thai food until 10pm, to its visitors.

Angthong National Park – More Information

Flora & Fauna

The larger islands like Koh Paluay, Koh Wua Talap and Samsao are covered with dry evergreen forest, the woods on most of the other smaller islands are beach forests, limestone forest and dry evergreen forests. Mammals which can be found on the islands of Angthong Marine Park are otters, langurs, monkeys, silver haired bats, dolphins, small whales and hogs. Other animals are 54 different species of birds and several species of reptiles, such as ground lizards, iguanas, turtles, pythons and cobras and only five species of amphibians.

Park Fee - Entrance Fee

Adults (from 12 years) : THB 200.- per Person
Children (up to 12 years): THB 100.- per Person
Entrance fee to Ang Thong park is to be paid separately on most tours and excursions.

What to see?

A “must see” is the island of Ko Mae Ko. In the middle of the island a salt water lake, known as “The Green Lagoon” or “Talay Nai”, is the main attraction. After reaching a platform after about 10 minutes climbing up the stairs , this beautiful emerald green lake is spotted.The lake is used as nursery by fish to bring up their offspring in an safe environment.

The “Green Lagoon” is connected to the sea by underground tunnels. Climbing up some further steps to the viewpoint on top of Ko Mae Ko another platform has been built. From here you have a spectacular view over the eastern part of the park.

What to do?

Angthong Marine Park is a perfect area for kayaking along the shore line of its islands and into caves and tunnels underneath the islands. Most of the caves and tunnels accessible by kayak are located around the northern part of Angthong at the islands of Ko Tai Plao.

Conditions for snorkeling, reaching from 5m to 15m, are strongly dependent on wind and wave conditions as well as on currents. Best area within Angthong Marine Park is also at the are of Ko Tai Plao. Koh Tai Plao is located north of Angthong National Park. Outside the park, a little further north at the islands of Koh Wao conditions for snorkeling are generally better than in the park.

Day tours operated by speedboat may use this location for snorkeling. The islands of Angthong Park offer dozens of mostly deserted beaches inviting for relaxation and sunbathing away from the crowds.

Angthong Marine Park is closed during November each year!