Tour Ang Thong Marine Park

Discover Angthong Marine Park

Your adventure begins…

Blue Stars Kayaking will take you from Koh Samui on the spectacular Ang Thong Marine Park. Ang Thong Marine Park is famous from the book “THE BEACH” from which the movie by the same name was based on. The kayak tour begins with a pickup service from any Hotel on Koh Samui, between 07:15 – 07:30 in the morning.
The 23 meter, fully equipped Blue Stars tour boat will leave Nathon Pier, on the northwest coast of Koh Samui, at around 08:00am and will bring you to Ang Thong Marine Park in under 2 hours. Enjoy a light breakfast while experiencing the magnificent scenery of the Angthong Marine Park, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui while the boat travels from Samui to the Marine Park.

Entering the Marine Park

Upon entering the tranquil waters of the Marine Park your tour guide will give a briefing on the day’s activities of kayaking, snorkeling and sightseeing. Blue Stars Kayaking has a fleet of kayaks, manufactured by “Ocean Kayaks“. For our kayak excursion we use the model Malibu Two, the world’s number one sit-on-top sea kayak.
We are using only professional equipment to provide you a tour of unforgettable paddling experience. Before you start the kayaking, the tour guide will also give you an introduction how to maneuver your kayak. Ocean Kayaks are easy to maneuver and no experience in kayaking is necessary to participate in the kayaking day tour.

The Emerald Lake “Green Lagoon”

Once our tour boat has arrived in the Angthong Marine Park, you will start your first kayaking experience on the southern end of “Ko Mae Ko”. Our tour guide will lead you by kayak along the coast line until you will end your first kayaking experience at the white, sandy beach of “Ko Mae Ko”.
When ashore the next adventure begins with the sightseeing at the astonishing “Green Lagoon” or “Emerald Lake”, a hidden saltwater lake inside of “Ko Mae Ko”. After all this action it is time for lunch! A selection of delicious Thai dishes will be available at the lunch buffet on the Blue Stars boat. Enjoy your lunch on-board the tour boat while it cruises through the breathtaking scenery, from “Ko Mae Ko” to the northern part of Angthong Marine Park with “Ko Tai Plao” as your destination for the second kayaking trip.

Explore Caves and Tunnels

Re-energized from your lunch, our tour guide will then lead you with your kayak through magical tunnels, into mysterious caves and along bizarre rock formations. After the second kayak trip the Blue Stars Kayaking tour, will proceed with snorkeling at the islands of “Ko Tai Plao” so you can experience and discover the underwater world of the Marine National Park.
On the kayak day tour you will also see the dozens of dreamy deserted beaches of the Marine Park. You should keep your eyes and ears alert while kayaking and cruising through the park, as you might be lucky to see the families of whales, dolphins and monkeys that make this spectacular park their home. And be sure to keep your camera at the ready to capture those unforgettable images of the kayak day tour that will stay with you forever.
For more details on the day’s program and what is included check out our tour schedule.